Our worship

We have a half-termly worship theme. There are 18 themes which follow a three year cycle. 
Click here to see the 3 year cycle of themes.
The theme is not used every day as a focus - other events in the church calendar are also included. 
Visitors leading worship may also use their own focus. 

Collective worship themes (based on ‘Values for Life’ – Gloucester Diocese)

Autumn Term 2017

Key value -Perseverance

w/b                       theme (page in Values for Life file)    (supplementary theme)

(Monday 4 Sep Staff INSET)

4 September         Persevering with the truth (341)      

11 September        Persevering to finish the job (343)

18 September        Persevering to the end (345)           (St Matthew 21 Sept)

25 September       God’s persevering love (347) (St Michael and All Angels 29 Sept

2 October             (Perseverance and self-belief 349)  (St Francis of Assisi 4 Oct

                                                                                         William Tyndale 6 Oct)

9 October              (Optional Focus)                                 (St Teresa of Avila 15 Oct)

16 October           (Optional Focus)                                 (St Luke 18 Oct)

23 October           (Optional Focus)                                 (All Saints Nov 1)

(w/b 30 October - half term)


Key value -Generosity

(Monday 6 Nov Staff INSET)

6 November          Unconditional generosity (279)           (William Temple 6 Nov)

13 November         The joy of being generous (281)                                                                                                                              

20 November         Giving time generously (284)                                                                                                                                                 

27 November         Giving generously (287)                      (St Andrew 30 Nov)                                                                                              

4 December           Advent                                              (Advent Sunday 3 Dec)   

11 December          Advent                                              

18 December         Advent                                              

(w/b 25 December - Christmas holiday)