Our church school

The Church of England has a long and successful history of involvement in education and schooling. As a statutory provider of schooling, the Church has built a very strong and respected position in England and Wales. Church of England schools have a distinctive identity and ethos, popular with parents and families, where the development of social, spiritual and emotional intelligence is as important as academic achievement. 

The National Society for Promoting Religious Education was established in 1811 to provide schools for poor children. The aim was to found a church school in every parish and by 1851 (still 20 years before the state took any responsibility for education) there were 12,000 schools across England and Wales. Today the National Society works closely with the wider Education Division of the Church of England.

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Our school is in the Parish of St Eadmer, Admarsh-in-Bleasdale. Children visit the church during the year for special events  and to learn about the church as part of the RE curriculum. The vicar, Rev Steve Cooper, visits school weekly to lead our worship.

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