Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding was launched in 2011-12.

The funding is based on the number of children in school who have been eligible for free school meals in the past six years, are in care or adopted from care, or have a parent in one of the services.

If your child does not currently have free school meals but may be eligible because of  your family's income level, please contact the school office (in confidence) to register them.

Even if you do not wish your child to have the meal, school can still claim the Pupil Premium.

Please note that from September 2014 all children in YR, Y1 and Y2 will be entitled to a free school meal. - this does not mean they will be entitled to Pupil Premium funding.

If you have not previously registered your child to claim free school meal entitlement you still need to do this for school to claim Pupil Premium.

The scheme has now been expanded to include all children who have been eligible for free school meals within the last six years, children of service personnel and children adopted from care.

In 2014 - 2015 Bleasdale Church of England Primary School was allocated £3,900

This has been spent on:

  • additional classroom support to help children achieve their potential in English and Maths
  • subsidising educational visits to enhance the curriculum
  • subsidising workshops in school to develop children's skills
  • purchasing of resources for learning and teaching

The impact of this has been to:

  • increase chidren's attainment and self-confidence due to the extra support we have been able to provide
  • provide educational experiences which would not otherwise have been possible

During 2013 - 2014 all our Pupil Premium children have made good progress and are on track to achieve good end of key stage results.

In 2015-2016 we anticipate a similar allocation.

If you would like more information please contact the headteacher or our school governor responsible for the monitoring of our Pupil Premium allocation, Mrs Maxine Pratt.